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Get Active Link Download

Once you can access the website, you'll need to purchase an ActiveLink device.

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Until recently, the only way to track Weight Watchers activity points was by manually entering your physical activity on the website or on your paper tracker.

You will be prompted to answer some questions about your activity level, as well as where you plan to wear the device on your body.

For years, the hallmark of the weight loss program has been keeping close track of everything you eat or drink.

This will automatically upload your data to the Weight Watchers website and will also keep the battery charged and ready to go.

Now, tracking your food is as simple as figuring out the number of Weight Watchers Points values in a food and keeping track of just one number throughout the day.

If I get title of the page, I can tell the download link is active or dead. Is title of dead link and file name is the title of active link (mediafire)

Just follow the on-screen prompts to complete the process, then begin wearing the Active Link monitor everywhere you go.

Oct 11, Once you have purchased your ActiveLink device, you are ready to get started. You will go to the ActiveLink website and download the desktop

Once the software is installed, just plug the ActiveLink device into any available port on your computer, and the activation process will automatically begin.

A special accelerometer inside the ActiveLink device records all of your physical movement, and this data is then uploaded to the Weight Watchers website and is automatically tracked as activity.

To get started tracking your activity points using ActiveLink, you first need to make sure you have a paid membership to the Weight Watchers website.

This means you can either be an online-only Weight Watchers member, or you can be a "meetings member" who also subscribes to Weight Watchers eTools.

Within the past decade, this process has been made a lot easier thanks to the Points system.

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Get Active Link Download

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